Bali – Ubud ChapungSe

Bali – Ubud ChapungSe

Hey guys,

As promised, I’m finally publishing the first post on my Bali trip. I’ve been there for four weeks, traveling to Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua and I’ve made too many experiences to share them in one single post – but here’s the first part about my time in Ubud.

During my stay in Ubud, I had the opportunity to live in the amazing CHAPUNG SE BALI. The hotel is somewhat outside of Ubud city center, about a 20 mins ride away. You can easily get there by taxi and the hotel also offers transportation service and a regular shuttle to and from the city center. In return you get to stay in the middle of the jungle, experiencing pure nature away from the busy life in the center!

The rooms – Valley view suite

The hotel offers different types of rooms – Pool Suites, Pool Villas (suitable for a larger group of people) and Valley Suites, which is where I chose to stay. The room was very spacious, extending over two floors, with one large bed on each of them (basically it could accommodate four people). Interior design and decoration/ details were very well thought-out, incorporating both modern and traditional Indonesian style. I especially liked the large window fronts, facing right into the jungle. Watching the sun rise from the balcony while overlooking the Infinity Pool in the middle of a wood was my favorite part of the day.

Hotel area

The hotel is located in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by rice fields and wilderness. What really impressed me was that hotel amenities were not just built into the middle of nowhere, but people were actually taking care of all the trees, rice fields and made the hotel buildings fit into these surroundings, without destroying any of the nature givens.

The Infinity Pool facing directly the jungle was the perfect place to go for a swim and chill after in the mornings or afternoons. The Pool Bar offers a great variety of food and refreshments, mostly Western cuisine but also some signature Indonesian dishes.

The  hotel also offers a huge SPA area with numerous traditional Asian and Ayuverdic treatments – my favorite was the Shirodhara (warm oil is poured on your forehead to relax the mind) and the warm coconut milk steam pack, which is perfect for dry skin.

I also really liked the sunrise Yoga sessions and the Fitness area, which is open air and offers the perfect location for a work out.

Jungle Fish Restaurant

Most of the people in Bali don’t know the hotel ChapungSe itself but the restaurant, Jungle Fish which is very well known in the area. People come for dinner to overlook the Infinity Pool and the jungle, but also because the chef cook is just amazing. Offering both Western but also traditional Indonesian dishes such as Soto Ayam, the restaurant was a great culinary experience.

On my last day in ChapungSe it was Balinese New Year – on that day, nobody is supposed to go out on the streets, the entire traffic is stopped, the airport is closed, and people just stay in their houses to relax, spend time together and have good food. The hotel was perfectly prepared for this occasion and offered a special program on this day – at night, we all went to the village to watch the New Year’s parade, an Indonesian ritual which was very impressing. Afterwards, we went to the pool area to watch the stars since without any traffic on the island, the sky was clearer than any other day in the year.

I really had a fantastic stay in ChapungSe and I will definitely come back soon. I can especially recommend the hotel if you need a break from the busy life in Ubud and wish to relax, enjoy the nature and sun. I went to ChapungSe after my 7 days Ayuverdic Program and it was the perfect place to start slowly into a normal live again.

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